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Experiment with web3 elements. 

Open source and free to use.
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In-game and no interruptions. Drive growth and keep your players playing.
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Excite players and control your revenue from day-zero.
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White-glove services
Our world-class development team can help you 10x speed and impact of your project.
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web3.unity SDK
An SDK that feels like it’s from the future.
Games built with us
From indie developers to gaming’s most advanced studios.
Global downloads
Our open source SDK supports builders around the globe.
2 years
Since launch
ChainSafe Gaming continues our proven role in web3 development.

What others have to say about ChainSafe Gaming

When PRIME token holders approved a grant in June, ChainSafe jumped into action - taking the necessary steps to bring our premier Parallel marketplace to market. Guided by our specifications and design framework, the team broke down our vision into requisite components and implemented a plan for development. Throughout the process, we enjoyed timely and thorough communication that ensured all parties were on the same page
ChainSafe's SDK gave us the tools to overcome our biggest challenges. The support and continuous updates made the integration seamless. Using [web3.unity] allowed us to hit the ground running with blockchain development and communication within a week, which, compared to alternatives, is pretty unprecedented. It’s a powerful and simple tool. It can do everything other tools can but with much less effort. We’d absolutely recommend it to others
CFX Gaming
Thanks to the Unity SDK plugin from ChainSafe, the blockchain features of our game were easily implemented. The SDK gave us everything we needed to achieve our goals. During the development of Arsenal, ChainSafe pushed new updates of the SDK enabling a better user experience to connect their wallet to our games and retrieve the information we need.
Loet de Hooge, Fabwelt
The ChainSafe SDK gives us the power to use different wallets as an authorization method with ease. It is responsible for ensuring that we match all non-fungible token (NFT) tickets in your possession with our leaderboard.
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