GDC 2024
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Grow and thrive. Decentralized LootBoxes
Excite players with transparent, verifiable, and provably random loot boxes.
Get a demo
Start building
Reach more players
Build pre-launch hype. Introduce the world to your game. Engaging, fun and always fair.
New revenue streams
Loot boxes are a multi-billion dollar industry. Control your funding from day-zero and never let go.
Quick start

Access the LootBox prefab directly from web3.unity

Download the repo

Use the add-ons tab to deploy a new LootBox

Add token contracts
Grant depositor access
Configure rewards
Full guide
We’re powering Parallel TCG

ChainSafe Gaming worked with Echelon and Parallel to create a truly next-gen marketplace. Indexing, NFT trading, invisible currency swaps and more.

Read Echelon’s story
“ChainSafe jumped into action, taking the necessary steps to bring our premier Parallel marketplace to market.”
Echelon Prime Foundation
Parallel, Parallel Colony
Why ChainSafe
Over 1000 games are building with us
No service lock-ins
Compatible with over 10 platforms, 200 networks and 30 wallets.
Simple and well-documented
Drag, drop, deploy. We handled the blockchain stuff for you.
Support when you need it
Get support, consultations, and help building from proven web3 experts.
Talk it out with web3 gaming leaders
We’ll guide you through our toolkit, dashboard setup, chain selection, indexing and beyond.